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23 November, 2007 at 1:42 pm (roleplaying) (, , )

What roleplaying genre would you be great at?
created with
You scored as TragedyYou’ve got a handle on how a tragedy occurs – one part stubbornness and one part nobility. Along with the willingness to go for the dramatic moment even when you know it’s likely to end badly, and the ability to express emotional moments, you have a solid foothold (or more) in the things that player needs to excel at tragedy-based roleplaying.If you’d like to put these skills to use right away, you can click and download Microcosm. It’s a free, introductory roleplaying game. If you decide to go for it, remember the awards on the left; those are ones your group may want to use.


Stolen from Levi Kornelsen.

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  1. What RPG Genre? « High Adventure Games said,

    […] Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on November 25, 2007 I’m not sure I’d call the possible results genres really, but I still find quizes like this interesting….Anyway, I saw this on Thanuir’s RPG/Math/Philosophy/etc. Blog […]

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