Writing actual play reports

23 November, 2007 at 3:03 pm (actual play, roleplaying) (, )

There is a movement, spotlighted by the decision to close Forge theory forums, which says that theory should always spring from actual play. There is a stronger form, too: All theory discussion should be in context of AP, being tied to a specific instance.

I tried writing useful AP posts. It didn’t work out well, for a few reasons. First: It feels like work. I don’t want to make my hobby work. Second: The reports have the tendency to degenerate into story hours. After writing that, I am too weary to write down anything insightful.

They do have a use: They help in remembering what actually happened in the game. A permanent record is always a good thing. It just is not worth the trouble, to me.

Hence, writing those posts will be rare. I may do it, when it feels useful. Not that often, I fear.


  1. chattydm said,

    As already mentioned here I am no theoretician but the path I chose may provide with an workable alternative.

    I let one of my players handle the story hour element.

    For my part, I write my AP posts as a quick review of the game but mostly a log of my DMing decisions, how they turned out and a recap of my lessons learned, what players liked and disliked.

    This then fuels my musings on Adventure Prep in the following weeks.

    The formula works really well for me and the feedback on the formula has been very positive.

    My 2 cents.

  2. Tommi said,

    That sounds good. It just doesn’t apply to my current situation, since I am playing in two campaigns right now. GMing shall commence sometimes along this year. Maybe then.

    AP is a prime inspiration for theory and craft alike.

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