22 April, 2008 at 3:08 pm (meta)

Within a month the following shall happen:

  • I will take on a summer job that involves cleaning factories with heavy machinery.
  • I will not study in university before autumn.
  • I will live in Hämeenkyrö (with mother, stepfather, sister and dog) or Tampere (with father), neither of which is exactly close to Jyväskylä.
  • I will not roleplay as much, if at all. Maybe this shall be the time to try some more roleplay via the internet, either with friends or in Roleplaygateway.
  • I may play board games or card games, especially if there is no or too little roleplay.
  • I will not spend as much time on the internet. Particularly I will probably not read forums or use stumbleupon. Also, I will blog less if at all. This all is quite probable (P({this all}) = 7/10), but not certain, where “this all” means this bullet point.
  • I will read more. Interesting material: Fantasy (preferably not direct D&D derivative and preferably not Eddings), philosophy (ontology, philosophy of mind, epistemology, whatever else is interesting), logic, mathematics (particularly game theory is of interest), mythology and old poetry, rpg books.
  • Take a dog, walk somewhere, anywhere. Good fun. Run once a while to keep it interesting. Great for thinking and designing rpg settings and calming the mind. Grab a friend if one is nearby. Remember to take water.

The more exact date of my departure is between three and four weeks from today.


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