22 April, 2008 at 3:08 pm (meta)

Within a month the following shall happen:

  • I will take on a summer job that involves cleaning factories with heavy machinery.
  • I will not study in university before autumn.
  • I will live in Hämeenkyrö (with mother, stepfather, sister and dog) or Tampere (with father), neither of which is exactly close to Jyväskylä.
  • I will not roleplay as much, if at all. Maybe this shall be the time to try some more roleplay via the internet, either with friends or in Roleplaygateway.
  • I may play board games or card games, especially if there is no or too little roleplay.
  • I will not spend as much time on the internet. Particularly I will probably not read forums or use stumbleupon. Also, I will blog less if at all. This all is quite probable (P({this all}) = 7/10), but not certain, where “this all” means this bullet point.
  • I will read more. Interesting material: Fantasy (preferably not direct D&D derivative and preferably not Eddings), philosophy (ontology, philosophy of mind, epistemology, whatever else is interesting), logic, mathematics (particularly game theory is of interest), mythology and old poetry, rpg books.
  • Take a dog, walk somewhere, anywhere. Good fun. Run once a while to keep it interesting. Great for thinking and designing rpg settings and calming the mind. Grab a friend if one is nearby. Remember to take water.

The more exact date of my departure is between three and four weeks from today.



  1. Eric Martindale said,

    It’s almost like an Earth Day resolution bonanza… that, and it’s my birthday today, too.

    Thumbs up on all of this! I need to get into some more reading material myself, particularly those paperpacks I’ve got sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read in years.

    Good luck with your job, and any moving that you end up doing!

  2. Tommi said,

    Happy birthday, Eric.

    The moving will involve a grand total of one laptop, a bunch of clothes and miscellania that fit in a backpack. I’m keeping the Jyväskylä apartment (that is what the work is for).

    Most of the points are fairly certain; I guess they will happen, based on former summers and my forthcoming living conditions.

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