Help me buy something

21 June, 2008 at 9:48 pm (meta)

Phil held a contest. I won. Now I have 15 dollars to kill in DriveThruRPG. Current wishlist:, which is a list of things I might spend this virtual money on.

I’m taking further recommendations. Also, if something there sucks, tell it. For something to be interesting it needs to cost at most 15$, in addition to being interesting. New game systems are interesting if they are

  1. Fantasy games that do something in different and interesting ways.
  2. Generic games that are very clever.
  3. Other games that are extremely clever, to the point of being famous for it, which means that I have heard of them (and decided to not use any virtual money on them, as likely as not).

Other stuff should be as system-neutral as possible. The following are interesting:

  • Theory, game mastering and so on.
  • Worldbuilding that is about building a world to be good for gaming, not only realistic/genre-appropriate.
  • Interesting in some other way I can’t name right now. Good luck finding one of these.

In other news

I have two AP reports to write, which will not happen because I am lazy and have other things to do (like playing some Warlords Battlecry 3 for a change and travelling around and occasionally work).

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