A mediocre session and some inn-fighting

22 June, 2008 at 12:43 pm (game mastering, persistent fantasy)

I played my current default fantasy game with Gastogh and Cryptic. It featured a desert, a disguised lizardman thingy, wereanimals and a slayer of beasts, as well as an old acquitance, Martoh the summoner, this time buying a slave (and not opening a gate to hell).

The session was mediocre. It kinda fell flat. The reason probably was that I did not tie the characters together well enough and that there were only two players, hence creating much faster gameplay than I am used to. (I should run a game for only one player just to get practice at faster-paced gaming.)

Characters and such are on the persistent fantasy page when I get around to adding them. Gastogh’s character has an amusing trait.

Some rule changes

Characters can be tied to another. Such characters are written in square brackets on the list and are treated as though their player is not present. Another named character on the list must have a trait that keeps the tied character with them, as a pet, prisoner, cohort, or whatever. The tied character is not considered an active entity, most of the time, unless gameplay provides a change to break the ties.

Also: If there are less than four players, then only three oracle entries should be generated. This requires testing.


A card game by Wizards of the Coast. We played twice (I did not win, bleh). I’d say the game is somewhere between Munchkin and Fluxx/Uno, closer to the latter. It does not reward system mastery (knowing the cards by heart) significantly and has a great deal of luck involved. It fits my preferences far better than Munchkin, mostly because it is less fiddly. The game needs dice or similar to be used as hp indicators. D20 is also needed for attack rolls and some other stuff.


  1. asmor said,

    If you’re playing Inn-fighting, you absolutely must play it with poker chips. I can’t imagine playing it with dice to keep track of HP. It’s so easy with poker chips, you just take them off and hand them to the other person as VP.

    Of course, that’s if you’re playing Inn-fighting. Play Three Dragon Ante instead, it’s a much better game. Inn-fighting’s okay if you’re in the mood for a high-luck, light game that can take a while depending on how things work out.

  2. ksym said,

    “Characters can be tied to another. Such characters are written in square brackets on the list and are treated as though their player is not present.”

    This is a nice rule! I really wanna get Lady Victoria (the lady from my first session if I remember correctly) “tied”, not necessarily in bondage way (curse my dirty mind) … But yeah, an interesting gameplay consept nonetheless.

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