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31 August, 2008 at 7:06 pm (rpg theory) (, )

Other people have done campaign benchmarking things before. They are probably okay. This one is mine and is still under development. Potentially.

So, the idea is to provide some data about a game so that everyone knows what kind of game it will be and can play accordingly or tell they are not interested. It also works as a tool for analysis.

Some games

In which I shall list some games I have GM’d or am willing to GM. For meanings of volatile/scripted/sandbox play, see this post.

Burning vikings (old and potential for further play)

  • Setting: Norway, more or less, with fantastic elements.
  • Gritty: Yes.
  • Serious: Yes.
  • Play paradigm: Characters in problematic situation, pressure applied by a giant.
  • GMing style: Somewhat volatile.
  • System: Burning Wheel

Dragongame (old)

  • Setting: D&D fantasy, homebrewn.
  • Gritty: Far from it.
  • Serious: No. Just no.
  • Play paradigm: You live here. Threats happen. Respond.
  • GMing style: Muddled.
  • System: First D&D 3rd, then homebrew fantasy heartbreaker minus publication.

Dragongame (potential for play sometime)

  • Setting: D&D-ish fantasy, homebrewn.
  • Gritty: Somewhat.
  • Serious: Maybe.
  • Play paradigm: Here’s an explosive situation. Do things.
  • GMing style: Somewhat volatile, non-detailed sandbox.
  • System: Updated fantasy hearbreaker minus publication.

Dungeons and crawling therein (Will run at request.)

  • Setting: D&D fantasy, generic or D&D fantasy, everyone forced underground.
  • Gritty: Somewhat.
  • Serious: Not really.
  • Play paradigm: Here’s a dungeon. Survive and thrive.
  • GMing style: Sandbox.
  • System: Custom.

Persistent fantasy (working title that is turning disturbingly, well, persistent)

  • Setting: Swords and sorcery, details built in play.
  • Gritty: A bit.
  • Serious: Not really.
  • Play paradigm: Creating spontanous fiction. Or: Varies.
  • GMing style: Volatile. Very much so.
  • System: Custom.

Wardens (Play-by-post. On hold. Cryptic, damn thee.)

  • Setting: Custom fantasy.
  • Gritty: Yeah.
  • Serious: Yeah.
  • Play paradigm: Here’s a situation. Solve it.
  • GMing style: Somewhat scripted, somewhat volatile.
  • System: Freeform.


Genre is part of setting. The ratio of combat to not-combat kinda happens in play, as well as other ephemeral factors.

Also: I like fantasy. And gritty stuff. And have a tendency to go for serious stuff. And there is a correlation between something being serious and gritty.



  1. Ishmayl said,

    I’m interested in hearing more about this “Warden” game. Do you have any more info, or links on them?

  2. Tommi said,

    Hello Ishmayl.

    There’s a previous post on the setting here (and before that on the CBG).

    The play happens on my forums. The relevant thread:, in which you can see me wrestling with a new medium of play.

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