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4 September, 2008 at 8:49 pm (meta, persistent fantasy) (, )

Worlds generated in play have a particular feature; they tend to be chaotic and beautifully interlinked at the same time. A page on this blog is hardly sufficient to host such a creation. Hence, I want to use a wiki.

Some options:

  • Obsidian portal is basically a wiki, or something close to it. It has some unnecessary focus on players and the control of characters, which might prove annoying, and further all sorts of unnecessary rating systems. I could write the setting there, but there are extra features and actively bad aspects. (My game has been played by a total of thirteen people thus far; no way I could track all of them, and getting more than four or so to register would be likewise difficult.)
  • GMspaces as hosted by the stumbler Streetline, who was gracious enough to give me a link. Gmspaces sporadically works for me (might be better if you live on the other side of the big oceans) and has unnecessary emphasis on GM keeping stuff hidden from players and planning adventures and that sort of stuff that is not of interest to me right now, if ever.
  • Campaignwiki is the most attractive option right now, though I need to investigate it a bit more before making anything resembling a decision.
  • Campaign builders’ guide also has a wiki. It would work as well as any other wiki anywhere, basically.
  • Or, I could find some site that hosts a free wiki and use it. There are sites that host free forums, so I doubt a free wiki is hard to find.

So, any suggestions?

I should have a reader or two. Does anyone know any good sites for hosting a campaign wiki or have actual experience with the aforementioned sites? It would contain characters, setting info, a few instances of maps and other scanned stuff, and links to AP reports on this blog. It would be preferable if people could edit it without registering and if there was little spam there. (Combining these two is not trivial, but is possible.)



  1. Ishmayl said,

    One of those that you mentioned, the Campaign Guilders’ Guild, is definitely a fantastic choice (no bias here, really!). We’re about to add a WYSIWYG editor, in addition to all the other extensions and mods we have that are awesome. :)

  2. Ravyn said,

    I just use wikispaces; it’s not RP-specific, but it works pretty well for me. (Okay, aside from the fact that I can’t put links to all the individual NPC pages on one page without passing the character limit, but that’s more a fact about my NPC list than anything.)

  3. MAK said,

    Our group uses pbwiki. It is another generic wiki, so you’ll have to create campaign templates yourself. It has no limits on page size or number of pages (we have the logs of 4 campaigns in the same wiki…). The WYSIWYG editor works well, and there are nice access control options, file storage space, and organization by folders as well.

  4. opusinsania said,

    If you’re considering general wikis you can try the one I use for our Nobilis game. It’s at wikidot.com. And if you happen to find one that’s easier to use and/or more manageable, please let me know.

  5. Tommi said,

    Some further playing around with Campaignwiki revealed the following problems: No categories, stealing identities of people is trivially easy. Hence it is really not an alternative.

    Ishmayl, what kind of content is suitable in the CBG wiki? I’d want to have at least all of the following: Setting info, characters, philosophy of play and best practices for playing, possibly even session summaries, and maybe bits of rules-talk (homebrewed system, nothing to do with d20). Are all of them okay?

    I’m kind of leaning towards some generic wiki right now.

  6. Ishmayl said,

    So far, I have not regulated anything on the wiki, as long as the content is gaming-related. There’s a mythological resources project going on, several “campaign diaries,” plenty of homebrew rules, and only a couple of them have anything at all to do with d20 or D&D.

  7. Micah said,

    I run Obsidian Portal, and we’re focused on campaign management, not just archiving. We strive to make it a place for player involvement, not just a GM notebook.

    I built the site as a way to make it easy to run a game and keep track of the storyline and important characters. I personally don’t put a lot of effort into huge, detailed worlds (since my players don’t care) and mainly just try to keep my facts straight in my game. Obsidian Portal reflects that philosophy.

    Good luck finding something that fits.

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