13 February, 2009 at 11:12 pm (meta) (, )

I’m on LinkedIn: .

It is not very interesting place for an undergraduate student with barely any relevant work experience. Oh well.

If some reader happens to be using the service and we have had a discussion longer than few comments sometimes, I’d be glad to have that reader as a connection. (Chat discussions count.) There is also an rpg bloggers group and a couple of other groups for roleplayers.

Should some inquisitive reader be unfamiliar with LinkedIn, the main point of the site is to act as a networking tool. People can search for people with desired profession, experience or training, and possibly get introduced by a connection, which adds credibility to the introduction. And wasting one’s time is harder there than it is on Facebook and the like.

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  1. jonathan said,

    well.. as someone who
    1) landed his current job becuase linkedin (a recruiter called me),
    2) has made several industry connections becuase of linkedin (both professionally and in the gaming industry), and
    3) hates FB and MySpace becuase… well… its a time sink…
    i can honestly say that rocks. Trust me… if I am ever in a position to need the help of a mathmatics student or junior level stats / math researcher — I’ll email you first becuase you are in my network. =D

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