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21 February, 2009 at 3:30 pm (roleplaying)

Rick Neal has a post about terminology, design assumptions and especially differences in them between 4e of D&D and World of Darkness. The subject is something that continuously trips me: Much of the material that people who play solely 4e or 3e of D&D (Pathfinder qualifies) have this strange focus on building possibly balanced encounters and then having players “play through” them. Maybe WoD people have the same thing going with scenes, I don’t know. For me the entire concept of game being a series of scenes or encounter to play through just feels boring, as a GM, and restrictive as a player.

Willow posted two articles on character creation. They are very comprehensive articles and full of good material. Highly recommended. The advice does not translate completely unaltered to dungeoncrawlish or run-through-my-premade-story-styled games. (Technically, that’s two links, but it doesn’t matter anyway.)

taichara has a blog committed to imaginative monsters, magical items and other stuff. The material is a hybrid of fairy tale and D&D sensibilities. Stats are provided for some not-quite-modern edition of D&D. I can’t tell the differences between them, anyway.

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