Dragongame, sixth session

23 February, 2009 at 10:36 am (actual play, Dragongame)

Session n-1, everyone present.


Planning, idling, then on to the forest near the forthcoming elven tower. Vulcanus persuades (hypnotises) a small bird to act as his spy, forming a mind link to said bird so as to see through its eyes. After some complications it arrives to the desired location. There tower is somewhat taller, some wall of stones is being built in the usual way and there are three members lizardfolk also working, under watch but not maltreated. Some elf begins chirping at the birdie and Vulcanus leaves it.

Zaphádoranon takes the shape of an elf (without clothes) and some plans are as to how it would be best to approach the elves, who are now patrolling the forest. No decision is reached and the dragons decide to wait until night-time, as a squirrel told them that the griffons sleep in certain trees at night. At evening Hafnir notes that some magical pulse is being emitted from the upcoming elven tower, and that the auras of the dragons are responding to it. Not much later there are elves running at them from the forest and griffons circling above. Arrows are fired, Isla swoops back to threaten the elves, who jump to the ground at her icy breath, after which Isla quickly flies away, but not before an arrow hits her.

The others help Isla to the mountainfolk’s lair, wherein she is cared for, including a healing ritual or two. One of the rituals requires spring water, and the lizardman previously slighted who claimed to be called Blosk offers to do this, but the offer is quickly denied. Few bite wounds later the arrow is in Isla no more. The lizardfolk prepare for war, and drums are used to communicate this further.

The next day there are griffons flying above the valley where the dragons like to fly around; one of them is ridden by an elf. The lizardfolk are preparing for war. Elves are marching and souding horns. After the dragons show themselves (by peaking from a cave entrance) the gryphon-rider approaches. Zaphádoranon’s newly developed language skills show their worth, as soon enough it is clear that the elf wants to negotiate. A neutral ground is found and the elf even dismisses some of its gryphons so that the dragons come near. The elf rambles some nonsense about the world being once whole and now shredded and that the elves want to make certain a similar catastrophe won’t happen again by taking control of other peoples. All things considered, the elf seems a little off-kilter. There is posturing by both parties and eventually an agreement is reached: That the leaders of the lizardfolk and the dragons and the local elven leaders would meet and negotiate.

That done, word is taken to the three lizardfolk tribes and even to the dragon-that-is-a-hill, though anger is the only response therefrom, even after Vulcanus sang to it of dragons and their glory.

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