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5 March, 2009 at 2:53 pm (roleplaying) (, , , , )

Thunderer (who does not have a blog, yet…) is running mostly ruleless Nobilis as an experiment. I’m playing essentially Identity as detailed by Greywolf (the post includes stats for Mutants and Masterminds, but the concept is well worth reading regardless). Ludosofy, formerly opusinsania, is also in that game as is one youngish person.

I would have participated in playtesting an upcoming fantasy rpg called Bliaron as to be published by Northern realms, but there were too many players eager to play that and too few wanting to join Thunderer’s game, so I picked the almost-as-good choice. The people at Northern realms may accept contributions of artistic nature, though they do not have much budget from what I have heard. If interested, post at their forums. English is understood and written there.

As for the as of yet unnamed mage game, we played the first session but I did not manage to contact one potential player. He has not responded to emails yet, so if someone is interested, contact me. We play at my apartment in Kortepohja, Jyväskylä (unless the would-be-player has a better playing space available). Assumed frequency of play is one game per about two weeks, played during Saturday or Sunday. Maybe during a Wednesday now or then. Next session will probably be during the next week’s weekend.

The game is set in fairly historical France near the city of Carcassonne (Google maps finds it), year 1200 or few years more, but not more than 1206. Notable events include an upsurge in Catharism (wikipedia is wise), a gnostic near-Christian sect, and the 1208 crusade that crushed them. We’ll see how that goes. The three established player characters are a warrior who has defeated death, a hedonist (and hence heretical) demagogue and a blind seer. We played a bit during which they were driven out of Carcassonne for various reasons along with a fair number of cultists.

Olorin also wants to run at least a few sessions of game that involves superheroes and dystopic future, called eCollapse, designed by Greg Stolze and still in playtesting phase. There’s still room. Contact him if you are interested.


  1. oberonthefool said,

    So, does the countryside of Carcassonne appear one tile at a time as you play? =P

    When you say “ruleless Nobilis”, what does that mean? I can only assume it’s playing freeform using the Nobilis setting and color, but maybe you mean something else?

    I’m actually in Greg Stolze’s play group, I’m running Don’t Rest Your Head for them now, and after that he will probably run eCollapse for us. Maybe we can compare notes after ^_^

    Con season has started here in the US, and my weekends are already planned out several months ahead >_< Much fun will be had, but I will be thoroughly exhausted afterwards.

  2. Tommi said,

    Greetings Oberon. Sorry for not responding earlier.

    Ruleless Nobilis: Pretty much freeform with Nobilis colour, though we did sort of create characters; we ranked the four attributes highest-to-lowest, for example, and the GM encouraged us to list some gifts. Nobilis colour is definitely in; I am hardly familiar with it, which makes play somewhat difficult.

    Carcassonne: We did not refer to a map except before play. I’ll probably show it to players at the start of the next session so that everyone who cares about maps has something resembling a correct mental picture of the area.

    Stolze: I almost bought Reign when Stolze was in Ropecon, but in the end it proved to be too expensive. Maybe sometimes later.

  3. oberonthefool said,

    No worries. Life is busy!

    re: Carcassonne, I was making a joke referring to the Carcassonne tile-laying game… which maybe you’re not familiar with?

    Reign was interesting… the ORE is highly unforgiving unless you heavily specialize, and the setting is like a pastiche that’s afraid you’ll realize it’s a pastiche- which isn’t necessarily bad. Some of the elements are neat; but some of them are jarring (the vertical shorelines? Yeah… my brain refuses to accept that part), and some of them don’t seem to matter much. But I still had fun, once I found my feet a little.

    We tried eCollapse this weekend, since one of the DRYH players was out.

    I’m interested to hear how your guys’ playtest went.

  4. Tommi said,

    If we had Carcassonne here we probably would use it as a mapping tool. Pens and pencils are adequate for dungeon maps, say, but fail when there are organic shapes around, so those would have to be drawn on paper. Carcassonne titles would be preferable. Also, it is an entertaining game. Also, I’m bad at getting jokes.

    We’ll see when the eCollapse game gets going. We are right now in the “seeking players”-state, as far as I know (I’m not the primary organiser for it, just helping out a bit).

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