Go and buy the Open game table

23 March, 2009 at 6:32 pm (linkedin, roleplaying) (, )

You can read about it on the tireless Jonathan Jacobs’ blog (with extra exclamation marks and everything): http://www.thecoremechanic.com/2009/03/open-game-table-now-on-sale.html

There’s even one post of mine that managed to slip past the reviewers in the anthology of blog entries. I also acted as a reviewer and reviewed almost all posts not too tightly coupled with 4e rules. I further have the draft in this very computer and there is much art of significant quality therein. The content is good, also. The strictly 4e material does not overwhelm the useful stuff.

Congratulations, Jonathan, for pulling this off. Let there be many sales.


  1. jonathan said,

    Your hardcopy will be dropped in the mail in the next day or two. There’s this special thing that happens when you get it in your hands… I was used to looking at the PDF for hundreds of hours… fiddling away, editing this, moving that, bumping this over here, changing that page break there… then.. once I had it in my hands… I was like POOF! COOL!!! this is COOL!!! ok.. its more like GEEK STARS FTW!!! but, you get the idea… hopefully you have that same reaction. =D

  2. Tommi said,

    I’m hoping there are no problems with customs or international shipping.

    (If I ever publish anything, it’ll be written using LaTeX so there’ll be no fiddling with any random details. Except maybe art placement. But if I ever publish anything, art is not likely to be involved anyway.)

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