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24 June, 2009 at 8:43 pm (game design)

The fairly new blogger zzarchov raises several issues over at Unofficial games; his solutions may not be the best (I tend to prefer less rules-intensive ones) and issues are not relevant to all playing styles, but they are generally worth thinking about. There are free games available at the related website. I haven’t looked at the games yet, mostly due to lack of time and one being in a .exe format and hence requiring WINE to work, given my free operating system.

I wrote a post about using some skills explicitly for setting scenes. The Dane (I think) Morten Greiss responded in his native language; those of us not fluent must resort to butchering it with poor translations, alas. The key points do come through. Morten’s idea is that any skill can be used in starting conflicts, but then the same skill can’t be used to resolve the conflict it started. I think it is pretty excellent an idea. Also, in the comments there’s talk about running freeform and more scripted games using this technique.

Olorin posted his roleplaying history and linked to the other Finnish ones we’ve seen thus far. Further, there’s meta-edition wars! That is, Olorin explaining why all the edition warriors are fucking idiots (there’s bit of depth there).


  1. mortengreis said,


    Dane it is :)

    And thanks for the kind comment. Glad you liked my ideas.

    BTW those translations are hilarious. Google translator is not that perfect yet. For instance it translates the word skat to tax, but the word covers both tax and treasure, and it is in the last meaning, I’m employing the word. We’re dealing with a treasure in a treasurechamber. Likewise there some curios translations of the Danish term for GM. In Denmark we often use the term “spilleder” which literally translates to gameleader, as you notice the main difference is that in English, we’re dealing with a Master of the Game, whereas in Danish we’re dealing with one who leads the game.

  2. njharman said,

    That Piecemeal exe is kind of tough to read but there are some really interesting ideas in there. I’m also leaning towards lighter rules these days and might not use Piecemeal mechanics straight up. But just the ideas they have spawned in my head make it worth checking out.

    Or, read zzarchov’s blog which seems to be going through the mechanics of Piecemeal and why zzarchov plays that way. It’s been one of the most stimulating reads recently.

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