To do at Ropecon 09

23 July, 2009 at 7:08 pm (Ropecon)

Ropecon, the largest gaming convention in Finland, will be here at the end of this month. Here are my plans for the occasion.

First, I will running two planned games: One a scenario written by certain name of some fame in the Finnish rpg scene; the title of the scenario is “Jää hiljaisuus”, which is somewhat tricky to translate; “Jää” means both ice (the substance) and remains (a verb), while “hiljaisuus” translates as silence. My prediction about the scenario is that it will work reasonably well or crash and burn brilliantly, depending on the players. It is a scenario designed for quite particular style of play.

The another game I’ll be running is my standard episodic sword and sorcerish fantasy rpg. This time I will do it properly, as opposed to the semiproper game last year. It ought to work pretty well. Former players might get to play the same characters again.

I will try getting to play, too. Rumours tell that there won’t be scheduled 4e games, which tells a bit something about its popularity hereabouts, so trying it out is unlikely. James of Lamentations of the flame princess is likely to run a couple of games and I’ll try to catch one of them; pity the people who will have to endure my mediocre accent. I don’t have any other particular games in mind, but will try to find something interesting.

I will probably buy a book or two. Typically it has been one book per ‘con, but I fear I might be getting sloppy and buying more this time. Notably, products of interest include the Finnish pulp fantasy rpg Praedor (I’m getting a supplement, so I might as well get the game proper, too), mister Raggi’s adventure involving doom, frost and death (because I appreciate weird fiction with certain amount of malice included) and Solar system or Menneisyyden varjot, the Finnish translation of the Shadow of yesterday (since I’ve been playing it; I remember the rules by heart at this point, pretty much, but would like to support the authors or translators by giving them some money and the satisfaction of a sell).

There’s also a number of lectures/presentations that are of interest, though I fear I will be missing most of them. To name a few subjects: Russian mythology and folklore, assassinations, modern warfare and psychological effects thereof, spiritualism, academic lecture of rituals and roleplaying (by J. Tuomas Harviainen, a definite expert on the subject), lojban, ancient animals, adventure building (which is unlikely to be useful, but I’ll be there anyway), black magic, religious ritual sacrifices, Forgish rpg theory (Lumpley principle), self-publishing, Japanese mythology, Arabian mythology, geopolitics, designing a religion, introduction to academic rpg theory (which will probably be useless but I might be there anyway), adding mood to roleplaying games, basic game mastering advice, medieval combats and medieval larping, as well as educational roleplaying. There’s also a bunch of less interesting lectures.

There are workshops and more action-oriented presentations, also. The interesting ones include ren faire-esque fighting, folk music, proper medieval European swordsmanship, improvisation theatre for roleplayers, primitive weapon workshop and workshop for singing spells in the style of Kalevala.

With any luck I’ll be able to socialise a bit with some people whom I do not frequently meet. Particularly: Any whom I have met through blogging but not face-to-face. Foreigners are allowed to enter, too. There’s some program and a few games in English. Almost everyone can at least communicate in English. There’s no need to make reservations, though if you want to sleep in a hotel room, you would want to check the nearby hotel, of which I know nothing.



  1. Guy Shalev said,

    Have fun.

  2. Olorin said,

    Actually, I heard rumours that one of those scenario competition entrants is for 4E. And that two persons have signed up to run it.

    But just a rumour, if you catch my drift…

  3. NiTessine said,

    The rumour mill is in error. A number of scheduled 4E games will be running at Ropecon.

    As to what number… well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

    NiTessine, who has no inside information. None. Nuh-uh.

  4. Tommi said,

    Good to hear that there’ll be opportunities for finally playing the thing. I have a pretty good guess as to how it will play, but there is a slim chance of surprise.

  5. NiTessine said,

    And they’re public. As you can see, there are two sessions of 4E running, plus two sessions of a competition module that may or may not be run in 4E. I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Ironically, not only do we have more 3.5 games than we have 4E, we also have more AD&D 1E, more 3.0 and I think a comparable amount of Red Box.

    And kill puppies for satan.

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