I am a student of mathematics, with some philosophy and statistic thrown in. More relevant, I am also an avid tabletop roleplayer and interested in rpg design and theory, as well as the practical issues in playing and GMing well. This blog will hopefully touch on an assortment of those subjects. For my roleplaying history, see this post: https://thanuir.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/my-rpg-history/

Email is firstname.surname@gmail.com. First name is Tommi, last one is Brander. I currently live in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I have an account on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tommibrander



  1. melcartera said,

    Hi, tommi.

    Re your comment: “I do wonder why people don’t even consider that there might be a God who created everything through evolution”, I responded through my latest post. I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I also asked the help of anybody who had read a particular book, to contribute some insights.


  2. Phased Weasel said,

    Any plans to add an RSS feed soon? I check my gaming blogs by Google Reader. It’s nice to have update notifications come to me, so I don’t OCD refresh blogs at work / when bored.

  3. Tommi said,

    There is an RSS feed already. If using Firefox, it is in the web address bar. If using Internet Explorer, there is a symbol for RSS feeds under which it can be found. I don’t know about other browsers, but they hopefully have a similar feature.

    The icon can be seen in Wikipedia.

  4. Creator of Hobbits and Wizards.com said,

    Hello, thankyou for the info. I think you may have had a bug with your Firefox, because my site is fine when I view it. I thank you once again for your suggestions.


  5. chikaradirghsa said,

    hello tommi.
    you have very interesting posts here.
    i think i will visit your page regularly.

    i already add your wordpress and comments to my rss reader ;)

  6. Olorin said,

    Aattelin nyt tätä kauttaa ottaa yhteyttä kun et oo #ropeteoriallakaan viime aikoina pyörinyt. Kiinnostaisiko osallistua supersankarilähitulevaisuusdystopia-pelin testaamiseen? Kokeilin kertaalleen vakituisen peliporukkani kanssa, ja tulin siihen tulokseen että he eivät nyt vaan ole kohderyhmää. Systeemi on vaan yksinkertaisesti liian meta/storygame heille. Parilta muultakin henkilöltä olen kysynyt, mutta jos tiedät omasta tuttavapiiristäsi muita potentiaalisesti kiinnostuneita, niin olisi tosi jees.

  7. scrap princess said,

    Hi, I am replying to a message on abulufia you send regarding the Victorian Doctor Mad Libs (I couldn’t work out how to reply on the wiki, tragedy , sorrow) . I made that page to test out how http://the-toast.net/2013/12/11/victorian-doctor-mad-libs/ this would work. As I didn’t have copy right permission for it , I blanked it afterwards.

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