Ropecon acquisitions (+ diceless)

7 August, 2011 at 9:28 pm (Nopaton, roleplaying-games, Ropecon)

So, Ropecon is done. I played one game of D&D 3,2 (rough estimation), which was okay since the sights along the railroad track were nice, and game mastered one game of Dogs and one Amber throne war. Dogs was mediocre, Amber went well, but I picked up no particular lessons from either. A few more contacts, though.

For Ropecon game masters there is GM loot, from which I picked up Tähti (Star would be the English translation), a game about maoist teenage mutant girl band in near future Finland, designed by Mike Pohjola. It is basically freeform with some fortune cookies thrown in for good measure and inspiration. The people one should play in the game are quite alien to me, as is the background of girl bands. There is some advice, but not enough to get me interested. So not my game. If anyone local wants to GM it, I’m giving it away. Or, if there’s no takers, I’m giving it away at some con (Tracon, maybe) to someone interested in GMing it. If there’s still no takers, well, bookcrossing plus some convention ought to do the trick.

I also bought Vincent Baker‘s Apocalypse World a bit after the con, when the Arkenstone people were able to actually sell games, and not only sandwiches. (It is somewhat complicated.) From simple read-through it is a good game, which does most of the things I like about Burning Wheel, but adds useful rules for game mastering and is lighter on rules that involve players. The game mastering tools should be highly applicable to traditional games that do not focus on combat, or only on combat, and where there is not a ready storyline to follow. World of darkness, Amber, Burning Wheel, maybe Solar system, that sort of stuff. I posted a bit about applying it to Amber on the AW message boards.

Also worth a read: Baker’s post on concentric game design.

And for the Finnish audience: New version of nopaton. Sekä laajempi että yksinkertaisempi kuin edellinen.

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