Theory discussions and critique

17 February, 2008 at 10:42 pm (game design, rpg theory) (, )

I am pretentious enough to call myself an rpg theorist, even with practically no formal training in anything related to roleplay. This even though I don’t actually write a lot of rpg theory, at least not of the hardcore model-building or academic-paper-citing variety. I think I am a pretty good critic. At least it is an activity I like and enjoy. With this all given, here are two models I have been helping with a bit:

RPG theory journey part five (there is a category for theory stuff) by Tumac, the author of the league of imaginary heroes, and Roberto Grassi’s attempt at unified model on

If you are interested in hobbyist rpg theory, do check out those two.

If you are developing a theory or designing a game and want some criticism (I won’t promise actual playtesting), I am here to be poked. Response time is not very quick right now due to studies keeping me more busy than they should and some other real life business.

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