Political leanings

29 August, 2008 at 9:17 am (meta) (, , )

I doubt there will be many political posts in this blog. This has nothing to do with presidental election in a country far, far away, for the record.

I will, in the next election where it is possible, vote for the Pirate party. I am also a member, as of today. This is not because I practice a lot of file sharing or such. I do not. I probably would if it were legal.

I vote for the pirate party because they are likely understand internet. Others try to control it.

I vote for the piraty party because I want there to be more free stuff available by legal means. (Honesty is a good thing.)

I vote for the pirate party because I am disillusioned with the other parties; consensus-based politics and them not helping the poor are big factors in this.

I vote for the pirate party because I am scared; there is internet censorship in Finland, supposedly of child pornography, but in reality of diverse subjects. Surveillance is becoming more and more widespread and accepted (by the law). These are not good developments.

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