Incoming: Open game table volume 2

17 December, 2009 at 9:05 pm (roleplaying) (, , )

It is time for second volume of the rpg blog anthology.

Previously the content was quite fine, though there were some very 4e-focused articles of little use to those who don’t enjoy that game.

Now is the time to influence what the next OGT will be like. You can apply for a position as a peer reviewer and nominate blog posts. Please nominate lots of blog posts. I’ve done my share of that and there are a few theory and such posts that will almost certainly be weeded out in the peer review, as well as some that might even be accepted.

The blog post nomination works as follows: Enter up to five complete urls, press submit, find the page again, repeat as many times as you are willing to. This is not entirely ideal from usability perspective, but functional none the less.

You can read slightly more at the newly reawakened Core mechanic.

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Go and buy the Open game table

23 March, 2009 at 6:32 pm (linkedin, roleplaying) (, )

You can read about it on the tireless Jonathan Jacobs’ blog (with extra exclamation marks and everything):

There’s even one post of mine that managed to slip past the reviewers in the anthology of blog entries. I also acted as a reviewer and reviewed almost all posts not too tightly coupled with 4e rules. I further have the draft in this very computer and there is much art of significant quality therein. The content is good, also. The strictly 4e material does not overwhelm the useful stuff.

Congratulations, Jonathan, for pulling this off. Let there be many sales.

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6 November, 2008 at 5:59 pm (meta) (, , , , , )

I’ve been somewhat busy due to university and visiting my parents for (now third) consecutive weekend. I make no promises, but more posts are possible in the near future.

1. Reynard’s blog on Enworld has material on sandbox play and random encounters. Of especial notice is this post. Unfortunately the RSS feed does not seem to be working.

2. Jonathan‘s rpg blog anthology project. If the project works, more people will be able to read the ramblings of random rpg bloggers. If it does not, J will hopefully still list the nominated blog posts or some best-of summary, so it will still be a way to find good posts. Contributing takes little time and gives you an excuse to re-read a few good posts, if you are so inclined.

The following are links to my own projects. So, not much to see, unless you are especially interested in my projects. Both the wikis have an RSS feed available. There is a page about wikis, including a link to Abulafia, which you should use.

3. Wiki of persistent fantasy rpg / In a Wicked Age clone / my default no-prep game.

4. Wiki of the dungeoncrawling rpg I have GM’d a few session of, and have been developing during my free time. Rules update is the most relevant page there. In the unlikely case of some reader wanting to contribute, ask via email, blog or the option in the wiki.

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