About theory

20 November, 2007 at 3:30 pm (meta) (, , )

I am a theoretical person.

For me, the value of theory is in the new patterns of thought it provides one with. For this purpose, math is a way to think. This particularly means that theory can be useful without a clear practical application or even a tie with the real world. Academic theory is generally of value due to there being some standards of publication. In the field of roleplaying theory, hobby theories are of value because the people who develop them usually are both passionate about and familiar with the subject. This is not always true of academic rpg theory.

Anyway. My approach to theory: Semantic debates are boring. The actual meat of the arguments and the form the arguments take are interesting. If you really want to argue semantics with me, do go ahead, but don’t be surprised if I refrain from engaging. If I misuse a word or a concept, informing me of that is appreciated, though.

There will be a theoretical point of view on practically everything, but little unexplained and unlinked jargon. Scientific referencing is a bit too much to expect, though.

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