D&D 4e and social conflicts?

21 September, 2009 at 10:49 pm (roleplaying-games) (, , , , )

Way back when 4e was previews and rumours I remember there was some talk of social conflict system. I haven’t heard much since, which is no surprise, as I don’t really follow most blogs focusing on 4e. Friend asked about the subject, so now I’m asking you:

  1. Is there a distinct social conflict subsystem in 4e? Particularly, distinct from skill challenges and skill rolls.
  2. If yes, is there some nice summary available somewhere? I have PHB and do not intend to spend any money on the other books and further I do avoid illegal (though morally justifiable) actions.
  3. If not, are there good examples of social skill challenges available online? I do not subscribe to the Insider and do not intend to do, so it is not very interesting for my purposes.
  4. Any good quality actual play reports featuring social conflicts that are handled mechanically would also be appreciated.

Thanks for help.

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