I have significant presence in the following wikis, the first of which is not mine:

Various random generators of random quality, and the ability to easily make more, have their home in Abulafia. Here is a link to my user page, which lists generators I have done: user page.

Wiki for documenting persistent fantasy session, characters and setting: .

Wiki for documenting mostly rules of the dungeoncrawling game:



  1. There shall be war. « Cogito, ergo ludo. said,

    […] be updated whenever the game is played. The page is likely to be renamed but currently stands as persistent fantasy. Anyways. Participants in this session: Me, Thalin, ksym, […]

  2. Ropecon play report 3 - Frog-men, a giant snake and dark caves « Cogito, ergo ludo. said,

    […] updated characters and setting info can be found in the relevant page. (The list now has twelve unique players, including me. There have been a total of thirteen [again, […]

  3. Persistent fantasy - system update « Cogito, ergo ludo. said,

    […] there are. Take half this number, round down, and consult the list (my list is visible in the persistent fantasy page). Select the topmost characters whose players are present, though a given player can only get one […]

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