7 August, 2008 at 12:13 pm (Ropecon)

Tomorrow I will go to Ropecon. I will run two games, one about a certain called Nokkonen, one about a bunch of people looting a pyramid and maybe stabbing each other. Or shooting, more likely.

The guests of honour are not of particular interest; there’s some Scandinavian larp person, some d20 person and Greg Stolze, who is a game designer. There’s some talk about the future of roleplaying, using nontraditional economical models, and of social important of roleplaying. They may be worth attending.

Guy Windsor will hold Realities of Steel and that other thing on medieval fighting. They are guaranteed to be at least amusing.

There’s two presentations on probability; one for powergamers, the other for game designers. I doubt they have much to teach to me. Given something to do, I won’t attend them.

I will try to play in as many intersting games as possible. Approximately: Three. If feasible, one of these will be a game of D&D 4th.

I will not participate in the meetup due to two reasons: First, I am too much of a wallflower to really enjoy it. Second, I have not actually been participating in for a long while.

Other than that, randomly talking with people I know.


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